Benefits of Tincture Oils

Tincture oils are the fastest and strongest way to administer compounds into your body. As you allow the oil to rest under your tongue your body absorbs it sublingually, through oral tissues in your mouth. Allowing you to feel the effects faster and stronger, with no harm to your lungs.

Derived from hemp

We feel the key to high quality products, start from high quality ingredients. The hemp used to produce all of our products are high grade. All compounds are derived from the plant. For those who like the flower itself, we believe you’ll see the quality difference in the hemp we use. We offer bud along with pre-rolls for those who prefer flower alternatives; over edibles, and topical products.


what is phd hemp

Our goal is to distribute and supply you with high quality, chemical free, affordable medicine. We provide an array of holistic compounds within many different products.

We feel as if everyone deserves a chance at chemical free healing, at affordable pricing. Our quality standards are high, but our prices are economically low

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